Looking for a great post activity snack?

Hey Parents! Ready to unleash your snack superhero? Look no further than our incredible crêpes – a great post-activity treat for your little champions!

When it comes to satisfying hungry tummies after activities or sports, our crêpes are here to save the day! Packed with flavour and excitement, they’re the ultimate snack-time sidekick for kids on the go.
After all that running, jumping, and playing, your kids deserve something special to enjoy. Our crêpes are the perfect solution – delicious, convenient, and oh-so-satisfying, they’re the ideal way to reward your little adventurers for a day well spent.

With two irresistible flavours to choose from – chocolate filled crêpes and chocolate crunchy filled crêpes – they are sure to delight even the pickiest of eaters. Each mouthful is a burst of yumminess that kids can’t resist!

So why wait? Treat your child to their snack-time hero and with our amazing crêpes. Whether it’s after sports, a family outing, or a busy day at school, our crêpes are an amazing choice for rewarding achievements or simply enjoying a delicious treat.

Get your hands on our crepes today and make snack time supercharged! With their irresistible flavour and unbeatable convenience, they’ll add a little excitement to your child’s day. Hurry on over to ASDA, Co-op, Morrisons, Ocado and Tesco Express to grab our yummy snack-time superhero crêpes.

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